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Our fine educational institution

Way out in West Houston, TX (yes, people instead of cows live here) there is an educational facility called Westside High School. Home of the Wolves! Being a fairly new school (opening in the year 2000), it is home to over 2500+ young adults and growing.

This community is for current and former students who attend/have attended Westside High School in Houston, TX. You can talk about things that are currently happening at Westside and also upcoming events, past events, competition results, and even personal plans. Off-topic conversation is allowed. Just talk...about something.

When posting a long entry or pictures please use an lj-cut.
NO ABUSE please! It will not be advocated nor tolerated in ANY form or fashion.
Personal attacks on people (especially) will be deleted.
Constant violations will result in being banned.
If banned there is a chance that you can be unbanned, but all recently unbanned members are subject to a 2 week probationary period (at the least) if deemed necessary.

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If you have any questions please send an email to westsidehslj@gmail.com
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